Hyuga Denshi Kogyosho Co.,LTD.


Now able to respond quickly to customer complaint
by providing its one-stop service of metal processing!


The company began assembly of low voltage equipment in 1964 and shifted its business direction to metal press processing in 1968. Since then, it has become capable of providing one-stop service, however small in scale, from laser processing, precision sheet metal processing, bending processing, welding through delivery, which is the strength of the company. It has focused on enhancing the comprehensive capabilities including employees' skills, quality control expertise, and design capability, not to mention investment in processing machines, so that it could response to the requests of customers more promptly and flexibly.

A company is its people! Actively utilizing human resources including female employees!

Taking advantage of women's attentiveness and pursuing a working-mother friendly work environment by employing more female workers, which contributes to the upkeeping of the process quality. In employing female workers who work super-short-working hours (2 to 3 hours a day), it introduced a mechanism of multifunction training so that workers can undertake new duties when transferred to another workplace. It also leads to leveling of workload and reduction of working hours.
By accepting overseas trainees and providing them with technical guidance, a synergistic .

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Providing one-stop services as a convenience store for sheet metal by working on the in-house production

From designing to press processing and to laser processing. It also undertakes operations such as bending or welding through delivery. It is capable of responding to customers' emergency situations in short delivery time through its one-stop service which can be realized by undertaking various processes in-house through employee training.
It has a high level of welding technical capability that requires human skills (arc welding, gas welding, semi-automatic welding, stainless steel welding, and fillet welding).

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Creating a synergistic added value by proactively developing advanced processing technology and proposal designs

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With the track records of 30,000 designs and data accumulated over the last 15 years, it is equipped with a high level of design capability that can cope with various kinds of products.
By analyzing CAD data, it proposes new designs where parts or raw materials can be Used commonly for different projects. By utilizing such data, it is capable of quickly meeting customer needs for small lot production and sheet metal prototype making.
Since it is capable of designing a product in a way that takes advantage of the features of the high-performance machines it owns, it has established a structure to provide one-stop service while realizing precision and short delivery time.

Owned Machines

Machine Model number / size quantity
Laser Machine Amada LCG-3015AJ 3070×1550 1
Punch & Laser Combination Machine Amada EML3510NT 30t 1270×3660 1
Punching Machine Amada EM2510+RMP48M 20t 1270×3300 1
Punching Machine Amada PEG357 30t 1270×3660 1
Production control support system Amada APC21 1
Sheet metal processing Network System Amada ASIS100PCL 1
3D CAD Amada SheetWorks 1
2D CAD/CAM Amada AP-100 1
Bending Machine Amada FαBⅡNT1025 100t L=2500 1
Bending Machine Amada FαBⅢ 50t L=2000 1
Bending Machine Amada RG25 25t L=1200 1
Hydraulic press brake Amada FBD5020 50t L=2000 1
Power Press Suzuki 110t 1
Power Press Suzuki 50t 1
Power Press Amada 45t 1
Power Press Amada 20t 2
Power Press Amada 200t 1
Spot Welding Machine Inverter 1
Tapping Machine 2
Drilling Machine 1
Shearing Machine L=2438 1
Set Press SP-30 1
Corner Shear CSW-250 1
Press Brake Amada HG8025 80t L=2500 1
Press Brake Amada HDS-1703NT 170t L=3200 1
Press Brake Amada HDS-2204NT 220t L=4000 1
Welding Machine CO2 4
Welding Machine TIG 2
Tapping Machine Amada CTS900 1


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Corporate name Hyuga Denshi Kogyosho Co., Ltd.
Representative CEO Toshihiro Hyuga

521-0242 3371 Nagaoka, Maibara city, Shiga prefecture

TEL 0749-55-0154
FAX 0749-55-0086
Established 1964
Capital 3 million yen
Line Bank Kansai Urban Bank, Shiga Bank, Nagahama Shinkin Bank, Shoko Chukin Bank

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